Science Experiments for Kids at home

Experiment 2 – Homemade Bubble Machine 🧼

Material Required – A Bowl, A Shampoo Sachet, Water & A Straw.


Step 1- Take a bowl.

Step 2- Fill the bowl with half glass of water.

Step 3- Mix the shampoo in the bowl filled with water.

Step 4- Put one end of the straw into the bowl.

Step 5- Blow in some air from the other end of the straw.

Step 6- You will notice the bubbles appearing in the bowl.

Note- You can add a few drops of food coloring to make colorful bubbles.

Do you know why??

These bubbles appear because when a shampoo or any detergent is added to water, then it lowers the surface tension of the water so that the bubbles can be formed. Blowing air in simple water cannot form any bubbles because the surface tension of water is too high.


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